7 action can make a perfect Bo Kequn

I had seen best Bo Kequn is one does those who do not have the information that seam a canal, estimation has settle or live in a strange place of a few rich at least, cross 100 more (the) that does not know this is how to manage, with dispatch, Baidu, 163 have, I scan a data in the website (the material is quite rich also, and practical) , nodded did not escape in the evening his Bo Kequn (what the catenary between Bo Kequn does is first-rate) and each rich guest has the link that points to this website, can be imagined his rich guest wants your dot to go in not to come out only, if have settle or live in a strange place of such a rich group become a link, hey, the action to SEO need not I said.

Here, I draw up acquired a bit experience come, offer reference only.

1, the uniqueness of the article: Assure Bo Kequn inside the uniqueness of the article, although have settle or live in a strange place of a few rich but the uniqueness that makes sure article of each rich guest is inside Bo Kequn, the person that such ability assure to browse chooses your each rich settle or live in a strange place.

2, same quality not the article of content is not sent inside guest of a rich, arrive dispersedly as far as possible other rich guest, guest of a rich puts, and the link that similar implied meaning takes at the back of every article, the person that let browse is in Bo Kequn kind dance. For instance: You have 20 implied meanings that introduce a keyword, then I send customer of a rich with respect to an article, rise the address link of 20 articles again, the person that such browsing is met commonly choose 20 rich settle or live in a strange place.

3, of Bo Kequn article inside catenary: A relevant article is added to recommend in the ending of article content of Bo Kequn, remember the literary works that is not this rich guest, however the article related other rich guest and article content, can take the person that browse to another rich guest so, such loop can let a reader scan more rich customers, the person that drives rich customer is angry. Such letting that browse the Bo Kequn that feels how to while the data is abounded, also to escape to give me. Ha.

4, extensive sex: Do not want a Bo Kequn urgent in in a website, portal website has rich settle or live in a strange place now, be nodded so euqally, sow extensive collection food more, in case that website has question others to also can be used.

5, as far as possible achieve formerly: So much article is impossible to be achieved formerly, but as far as possible be achieved formerly or bogus is achieved formerly also go.

6, keyword: Let each rich guest be aimed at a keyword inside a theme to optimize, achieve absolutely specific aim, the target is specific. My rich guest makes a statement, that is much simpler.

7, the dependency of the data: Assure the dependency of Bo Kequn data, let Bo Kequn around move this theme spreads out. Capture the person that browse.

Anyhow lets rich guest connect bunchy (let Bo Kequn rise circularly) , the literary works that lets congenial not congener look is connected in different rich guest bunchy (let an article rise circularly) , the hill of the five fingers that the person that let browse does not escape to give us ah. Have such Bo Kequn is remained want make it easy. What say anyway is easy, it is more difficult to be done oh. Once had said before nevertheless, SEO is a drudgery! (Aiwww.cc)