60 skill that rich guest website optimizes

1.Where is home page? You should ensure the coping position in rich guest page has an apparent home page to link.

2.The Logo catenary you the home page to you.

3.Add search draw a frame round. Increase search casing to be able to help an user find the content that they need very quickly.

4.Define your 404 wrong pages oneself. Define your 404 pages oneself, make provide more information, right the person that visit is more helpful, it is one of the simplest methods that add viscosity of user of rich guest website.

5.Link character has underline. If your target suffers numerous be not quite the person that knows computer technology, this especially important.

6.Maintain navigation to agree. A simple, navigation hurdle that searchs easily is placed in prominent place (carrying place buy on the head normally) .

7.Often, those who have the law is newer, what the rule lasts publish an article to write 6 than a day next next 6 Monday piece do not write many what be close friends.

8.Increase Favicon icon. While a lot of RSS reader are showing your rich guest literary works, also show your Favicon. Increase a Favicon so, the literary works that can let you is more outstanding in RSS reader.

9.Increase socialization bookmark pushbutton, convenient the person that visit refers your rich customer network bookmark website, the person of website of bookmark of network of so all visit has an opportunity to see your article.

10.Whether is there spelling mistake in checking old essay.

11.Suitable in the URL that exceeds attribute of Alt of text link, picture and webpage use key word.

12.Key word piles up in be not being allowed inside. The key word density that searchs engine to be able to check your page (Keywords Density) . Say commonly, in most search engine, keyword density is in 2%~8% is a relatively proper limits, be helpful for a website be being ranked in searching engine, the webpage of density of taller key word can be suspected by search engine cogged.

13.Use form of a kind of file merely. Recommend use by classified file. From the angle of the user, it can help an user find the card of the theme that they are interested in quickly. Also be likewise friendly to SEO, because can contain key word among them.

14.Ensure every page has catenary to the website the link of other page. For example: People often forgets in connection catenary is added on our page to the website the link of other page. If reptile comes to this page, be equal to entered a blind lane.

15.In-house link is used exceed text link. For example: When catenary to an old card when, do not use click here such character, and key word should be contained in the link or the theme of the card.

16.Add a picture appropriately: If your article is very long, very numerous full of trivial details, you can consider to add a few pictures. The best regulation that adds a picture is on the side of add them in caption or crosshead. In the meantime, the picture that still must assure to add must be related to article content.

17.Do not cross much friendship to link in home page enumerate: The person that visit hopes to see one organizes good home page, if your website is full of a few with needless list and information, the person that can allow a visit feels depressed. Do not pass the friendship link with very much enumerate to come as far as possible pretentious your online person is angry. Contrary, a link should be provided on home page, catenary links a page to an alone friendship.

18.Do not want PageRank of too sedulous pursuit. It is a very small element in ranking algorithm merely.

19.Ensure every page has distinctive, and the webpage headline that contains key word (Title) .

20.Use absolutely link. Can reduce URL normative problem not only, and if somebody collects content from your website, you still can acquire retrorse link accordingly.