6 kinds of means that new domain name collects are quickened in SEO

Baidu is right recently of new website collect call laborious really. New station or is collected far from, or collects the sandbox type of home page only namely, or collects speed slow, collect date different situation. Actually is in it is painful to feel a bit depressed period of time.

Sneaked away several rounds on the net, send one’s respects to Baidu his ancestor and he is old the mother’s article one pile. Ah, actually the individual thinks to also do not have that necessary. You send one’s respects to him old mother can collect that quickly my give no cause for more criticism, the strength that if did not ask a province,saves oneself goes considering to discover some of thing. Respected and beloved person of the same trades!

Write below write oneself a few results that new to quickening domain name collects.

1, the domain name wants from register speak of.

Because search engine,can judge those who give your domain name completely to buy date and maturity period. The proposal buys the word of the domain name, buy a few years more at a draught. Such search engine can think these domain names can be managed for a long time, is not to build a rubbish to stand to be thrown away by K hind.

2, the domain name is enabled do first 301.

After the domain name that just registered is enabled, proposal first its 301 websites to a Pr>2 10-15 day left and right sides. Not urgent go toing is enabled. After with its you are enabled, collect all the time undesirable, be inferior to be able to bear or endure mug-up will do 301.

3, website construction wants complete.

After website construction rises, must give a website stuff a few achieve quality formerly, perhaps search engine to collect the essay that be less than. The content weight that such search engine can think you stand this is very tall. Suggest to the website is referred after putting a few literary workses more again

4, website name should have been chosen!

After the website has been built, the website that must give oneself has a pretty name, best extraordinary a bit. Citing resembles the rich guest of SEO, inside too much what SEO lover, what SEO+ name. You can learn completely to learn the name of ZAC rich guest, have each sex the name of a bit.

5, the website name that often searchs oneself

Believe everybody has experience of a search, say with respect to the example you are defeated by a Liu Dehua, it can come out what you should search is: Liu De Hua. Because of the much word of the search, the first, search engine can extract this key word automatically to enter search engine lexicon; The 2nd, search generous word, search engine can show relevant search; Facilitate collect.

6, join oneself collect / subscription

Collect oneself website to the favorite, especially inside those favorites that take search engine toolbar. If entering, might as well click collect enter. The website of new domain name that calls a few friends him subscription, add each Feed subscription.

The everybody of and so on of the catenary outside adding high quality knows, I feel or should not draw up will lest,lose face again everybody jest. The methodological classics experiment of above is feasible degree quite tall. But do not assure effective to any websites fruit. If each immortal has the wise move with better what, welcome to share and be discussed together.