6 kinds of circumstances bring about vigilance the website is collected by search engine hard

Core clew: Why can you appear collect difficulty? Because search engine robot is a very simple software program,this is, itself is done not have to the site any savvy.

To each stationmaster, the most crucial some too search engine can be collected normally, once the website cannot collect everything normally,be wishful thinking. Why can you appear collect difficulty? Because search engine robot is a very simple software program,this is, itself is done not have to the site any savvy, just come through a few inherent standards the stand or fall of judge site, once the site is being written,the mistake appeared on the law, search engine will not undertake collection to the site.

Reason one: The line goes up below the case that the website was not building good (if dead catenary is very much)

This be ignored very easily, before the line on your website, even if take out those trashy dead catenary, also cannot withhold because of had better looking.

Reason 2: The Robots.txt file of the site already damaged or appear when the book is written mistake (appear for example wrongly written or mispronounced characters)

If search the understood you Robots.txt file of engine robot mistake, they may disregard your webpage completely. To this problem, settlement way is microscope your Robots.txt file, ensure on your webpage parameter is correct.

Reason 3: Too much variable network address is included in network address

Too much variable is included to may cause search engine robot to search difficulty in. If your URL includes variable too much, search engine roams implement the webpage that may ignore you. The person that to this problem a few more familiar websites build may think of dynamic webpage, it is this problem really, the webpage that trends generates (draw together ASP, PHP) the likelihood brings about capture tool to cannot be collected, settle way, page of use static state.

Reason 4: Conversational ID was used in your network address

A lot of search engines do not collect those webpages that include conversational ID, because they can bring about the repetition of content. If possible sentence, avoid conversational ID to appear in your network address, and ID of conversation of use Session memory.

Reason 5: Too much code is included in your webpage

The Java code, code of CSS and other scenario code were included in the webpage. These code and content do not have direct connection, visit your webpage and examine HTML source, if you are very difficult,the actual content that goes up to the website undertakes changing, so normally engine of the search below the circumstance is collected it is very difficult also to rise.

Reason 6: Website navigation

The robot of most search engine cannot analytic Java or DHTML menu, of course Flash and Ajax menu effect are poorer.

If above paragraphs place is narrated, searching engine robot is very simple procedure, the HTML that they abide by is linked, once the link appears,the mistake also can bring difficulty to collecting.