6 kinds big: Commonly used SEO tool general view

Commonly used SEO tool general view

Search simulator of engine capture content

Can imitate spider capture appoints webpage Text, link, keywords reachs Description information
/ Search-engine-spider-simulator.php

Similar page detects tool

Examine the likeness of two pages is spent. If likeness is spent,amount to 80% above, be punished the likelihood
/ Similar-page-checker.php

Google Sitemaps is online found

Online found file of map of Google Sitemaps website

Chinese: / Sitemap/sitemap.asp

English: /

Google Sitemaps Builder.Net

Google Sitemaps founds software, can the very convenient Sitemaps that founds a website
/ Shoulu/Index.asp

The keyword ranks inquiry
Can search the inquiry in engine to appoint a webpage to assign the rank case of the keyword in 3 at the same time.
/ Search/keywordrank.asp

Search engine optimizes monitor (SEO Monitor)

One only the little software of 321K, can inquire many searches engine at the same time, the rank circumstance of many keywords. Self-recording history ranks a circumstance.
/ Rank/Index.asp

Keyword tool

Tool of Google Adwords keyword

What inquiry appoints a keyword is patulous match, search a quantity, trend and welcome degree. Https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

Search related Baidu

Press popular program sort, listed appoint a keyword to expand relevantly match reach popular level
/ Rs.php

Keyword density analyses a tool

The analysis assigns the number that the keyword appears in appointing a page, reach corresponding per cent density

Chinese: / Seo/Key_Density.asp

English: /

The keyword is popular seniority and index

Baidu pop chart: /

Baidu index: /

: of Yahoo pop chart. Cn/top_index.html

Search dog index: / Top/ ? IPLOC=CN1102

A list of names posted up of tiger of search search dragon: / Lhb/s_i_sosolhb.shtml

Google tool

Google Sitemaps

A free service that Google rolls out, a crackajack SEO tool
/ Webmasters/sitemaps/docs/zh_CN/about.html

Google Analytics

The free analysis that Google rolls out serves. Optimize in market sale and content on provide a lot of professional forms for reporting statistics. Have very great help to searching engine sale.
/ Analytics/zh-CN/

Google Dance inquires a tool

Can inquire Dance circumstance not only, still can obtain announcement of every months of Google Dance in time through E-mail
/ Googledance/

Examine in GOOGLE the PR on each server is worth

Use this tool, can judge PR to whether be updated, forecast the PR after updating to be worth
/ Seo-tools/future-pagerank

Google PR history updates schedule

When seeing Google 2000 look to update the specific time of PR and cycle up to now, grow
/ LinkIn/Index.asp

Inquire the tool of the link in Google. Can capture text caption and link. What Chinese caption shows is random code
/ Google-backlink-checker.php

Yahoo is new the link that roll out checks a tool, can inquire all is retrieved pages in the website and retrorse link circumstance

Inquire Google at the same time, yahoo, MSN links an amount mediumly
/ Linkpopularity.php

Invalid link checks a tool

The examination appoints the link inside the page. Include to link effectiveness examination, link character, link type
/ Search/checkurl.asp

W3C GLink Checker
/ Index.asp

Check decided domain name case is tied on same IP