6 endless months see a foreigner how popularize a website

The website popularizes the 1st day

Buy a domain name that is helpful for keyword rank.

The website popularizes the 2nd day

The basis wants the keyword that do, the website that founds to have a page only () of about 500 words. Give out 3~4 catenary receives the page) related Wikipedia(and keyword. These Wiki links can help search engine decide a category to your station. The catenary outside doing to this station next (I am the) of station of a catalog that passes myself normally, stand this next put aside as useless no matter a month (you can begin this paragraph of time planning the next stood) .

The website popularizes the 30th day

Expand the website to 5 pages, introduce 4 links again. These links come from respectively: A catalog stands, article of guest of a rich, network of a society, a common website. Continue put aside as useless a month.

The website popularizes the 60th day

Begin to begin to expand this website to 100 pages, ensure every built page has an exterior link. Accordingly, after this phases ends, home page has 5 links, every in-house page has a link.

The website popularizes the 90th day

Can begin free catalog to refer. Go the catalog website that each large center forum finds those building to stand, because these links are the free link that gets the most easily, for instance Chinese stationmaster stands (Chinaz.com) . Besides these, submit 1000 list again. Cost 10 days or so.

The website popularizes the 120th day

Arrived this moment, begin to make link trade. Can have two kinds of kind, the first kind is groovy practice: Write a letter to stationmaster, ; of requirement friendship link is the 2nd kind to go each large center forum, choose stone for instance. The attention does not do direct friendship to link.

The website popularizes the 150th day

Add 100 pages again, every page an exterior link. So although work hard,do, but it is special worthiness. Right now, begin make an issue of to refer, refer 20+ , catenary receives home page.

The website popularizes the 180th day

Begin to spend money to buy a link for the website. Refer collect fees catalog (like Yahoo.com) , buy content to insert a link. Scarcely should buy the link that make a station, catalog station except.