5A is commented on, net of travel of zoology of long white hill

To discuss and study domestic 5A class informatization of travel tourist attraction is built, group of research of domestic travel informatization – wisdom brigade motivation launched 5A review. From the battalion that searchs engine, site carry is engineered and the much angle such as user experience undertakes reflection. Whole chatting process has in a school class of the person that carry of tens of battalion of renown travel site are safeguarded. The 2nd period comment on an object to beGrow net of travel of white hill zoology. It is this second 5A below comment on partial honored guest comment on a summary.

Be based on the website with search friendly engine to design

Comment honored guest: Dot stone is interactive Liu Huanbin

Everybody is good, met again. I am bit of stone interactive Liu Huanbin, comment on the SEO expression of net of travel of zoology of long white hill today by me. It is 5 point of views that I offer below, hope to be able to be inspired somewhat to everybody.

1: The search engine of the website collects expression

Use " Site:cBs-tour.com " undertake searching in searching engine as the keyword, we discover 3 big main trends search engine to be opposite of this site collect a circumstance to be as follows:

There is 16 about on Google, 700 inquiry results that accord with
Baidu, find relevant webpage about 6, 030
Yahoo Chinese search is returned in all about 1, 310

Above data is collected on March 30, 2007.

Baidu is Chinese engine of the biggest search, the page amount that it collects has not obtained the in part of Google, this is a problem.

2: Webpage code is written expatiatory

It is with website home page exemple, store home page additionally to hard disk of this locality machine, we can discover its have 57.4Kb volume unexpectedly. Webpage file crosses congress to reduce the creeping efficiency that searchs engine robot, the rate that also can affect an user to visit a webpage at the same time experiences. If use CSS+DIV to undertake reframing to the website, volume of current home page file should be OK control is in 30KB less than.

3: Issue of article table writing is outstanding

Here comes with the most outstanding webpage caption writing illustrate. The visit grows net of travel of white hill zoology, you can discover all webpage Title are same, it is " : : ? Itle of Chang of  of thin M of  of rotten earthen jar of  of  of ぐ consult capture namely the literal information that area of blue of upside of webpage shedding measuring implement shows. The information that every webpage place bears the weight of is different, accordingly the individual character of this webpage identifies information also should different, and Title is the individual character with every the mainest webpage identifies a part, accordingly the Title of the webpage should be abstracted by information of specific content page and come.

4: The actor chemical industry of the picture is made did not do good

In writing webpage code process, a lot of people oversight of the picture replace text attribute (ALT) . It is when you in code fill the ALT of certain picture replaces text information, when if this picture shows on the webpage,coming out, can appear in the position of this picture the news that replaces text. Actually, the ALT of the picture replaces text information attribute to consider physical disabilities public figure (like the blind) the visit experiences and prepare, when because they are in,browsing a webpage the literal information in getting a picture very hard, the description that can replace text through ALT only so will comprehend a picture video content.

All alone engine meets search to bring into the content of ALT part the text analysis of whole page, also meet at the same time according to the picture replace text content to undertake discriminating to this picture, so we suggest to filling in the content moment of the ALT part of the picture should be agile in the description decorate appropriate keyword.

Of the navigation in upside of the webpage in the website and beauty spot demonstrate the fundamental picture such as the picture to did not install ALT attribute.

5: Other inadequacy

Webpage source head identifies information Meta part to was not perfected in the light of what search engine; The link correlation sex between the webpage is poor, did not pass a keyword to rise the page series that has relevant content; The logical arrangement of ideas of information of webpage source share feels not strong, text caption did not use label, and content also was not done a few emphasize clew; The website did not make integral keyword program, bring about content construction to do not have specific aim.

Because comment on time finite, can show as above simply only, the question that welcomes everybody to follow my SEO respect with respect to the website is great communication.

Present website characteristic to the person that visit

Comment on a honored guest: Yan Hai of travel agent of the north in Nanjing

1: Visual effect Shang Xian is defective

Say on the whole, wallop is insufficient, a bit overcautious, square to tourist or collaboration vision is pounded. Travel is very use the field of feeling, home also has a lot of, for instance 1000 islands lake is waited a moment. The key feels the first times charming with the person, lift in the compasses in growing Bai Shan’s webpage to appear, including a picture to wait is not very much, so I say for overcautious.

2: Content fixed position wants to make clear

If regard a regional promotion as the website, need the introduction of the tourist attraction not only, cover even other wait like meal, accommodation, traffic, and its behave the element aggrandizement that should have these outstanding characteristic force. Believe everybody to be able to be experienced on the official website of Singapore tourism bureau, such website content are fuller. In the website the most prominent place, should put provide representative content most, for instance gust of characteristic travel, special local product, and recommend otherly like the hotel, the commendation that motorcade recommends the member that include a conduct a sightseeing tour should not take main place, the introduction of first-class even staff should be not put in home page.

3: Want to have detailed osculatory medium of communication

With the contact channel describes a possibility not quite appropriate. Common feature is told namely the website sense that people looked you is very good, how does he come over. Of course, of tourist of detailed traffic directive, self-help and group tourist enter channel to need to have involve, this are in Zhejiang can reflect on a lot of tourist attraction websites. It is with 1000 islands lake exemple, he tagged the large communication chart that from long triangle each city enters a tourist attraction on the website.

The content of the module in the website

Comment on a honored guest: Dragon of dawn of deer of wisdom brigade motivation

I also am to say content, basically be the requirement from tourist for. I just watched the Chinese official network of Irish tourism bureau this morning, it is really those who do is very meticulous, under photograph comparing, we have a lot of to want to learn every detail that the family’s tourist needs, they considered. Actually the demand no more than of tourist is 6 gist element just, website must can seasonable, accurate, detailed system is revealed.

Next, we are many a of the page look.

In website home page, what I care most is connection means. Long Bai Shan guards a pass at we and connection we are put in together, look from the telephone number amount below, this has progress than area of a lot of scene. It is OK to be returned more meticulous? Make good customer service, also be a when scene area attracts a tourist fundamental premise. Most tourist won’t act blindly, experience the careful consideration that go up in time and travel especially.

The 2nd is tourist attraction introduction. There is the discharge backstage supporter of website of a few 10 travels on my hand, scene area introduction is visit amount is the largest, also be one of prime essential factor of travel. If this is not done good, so the website calculates basic waste. Look from substantial level, the link in this page is very much, I was not nodded one by one, why? I do not know what is a key! Although do not deserve to go up to all tourist attractions,I feel picture, should also have the commendation of key tourist attraction? ? ? Can consider a picture many a little bit to appear, say before Yan Hai namely, form the concussion on the vision. Now this page, some are insipid, if conditional, the proposal adds video.

The 3rd, it is folk-custom amorous feelings. I insert a word more on this page, without navigation. The content inside is looked at is a word " tired " . Can classify very well actually, basically be two old peoples: Manchu with the Chaoxian nationality. And every nation is on food, festival, habits and customs, religion, have different. Is what can you arrange a few more relaxed? Look comfortable also, and can look, manchu introduction is a character much, the picture is little; The Chaoxian nationality is contrary, do this meet those who arouse an opinion? : )

The 4th page is district culture. This content inside is too important simply, was in by Tibet however in? I discover, baidu about " long Bai Shan " term of the 2nd big search is " long white Shan Tianchi " , there is detailed introduction in this page, still the day pool that makes everybody have fun at most blames the independent page of animal, is so good travel window put unexpectedly here? Feel distressed, wasteful, regrettablly oh. Before a few are window introduction, hind 6 are 6 gist element.

I try to be nodded look/ Dywh/dywh_10.asp, is this " row " does traffic weigh otherwise to tourist? Important of course! Move according to the position namely in the fundamental definition of travel for this " row " the introduction is simple. I had seen a map in other pages, should put here best, but the result is done not have. And, tourist still can be classified according to travel mode, be driven oneself and self-help now is two kinds of very big groups, whether be expert at go up to be helped to them? This page is OK fine dig. Of course, perhaps because personnel is insufficient, perhaps because capital is in short supply, perhaps be time too short, … but tourist won’t make allowances for you.

/ Bhq/index.aspThis page asks an attention. Should be the thing with this website name correspondence groove guard, zoology groove guard. Whether should " zoology " does the concept mention home page? Just remedy the does not highlight mainly problem that a moment ago Yan Hai says. If had been hit " zoology " and " strange animal " these two pieces of cards, I think the window of home page will be more outstanding, the interest of tourist also can be driven. Because time concerns, I did not expand, the problem is very trifling actually.

Website of scene district government why and build

Comment on a honored guest: Grand dimension is interactive Yao Zhiguo

A moment ago commented on before beginning, is what the friend that compere asks about scene area feels website development expands now main what is restricting an element? The reply of ** is very terse " the leader’s attention, the lack of technical personnel, the inadequacy of capital " . If these problems are not solved,I think, so other think of a way are again good, everybody’s proposal is again professional, also cannot change the current situation. So, I want to talk about a view in the light of this problem.

The theme that I comment on today is " website of scene district government why and build " , this problem is now not just the staff members of a gleam of of scene area are pained also be the problem that a lot of service companies that pursue website construction and network sale hope to solve.

Look first now why area of so much scene has a website, I think the likelihood is the following reason:

Keen on face-saving, the family has
Want achievements in one’s official career, assess need
Be annoyed, muddleheaded

Specific not dilatancy, authority is clearer that is to say, leaders do not understand the end that becomes scene area website truly. But we must want to have transfer, cannot rise to a high level to explain directly why to want scene area website. Comparing what cut easily is:

Can be economical?
Can you make money for oneself?
Can you make money for overall situation?

Can be economical still has area of a lot of scene to be in a large number of pressworking that publicize elegantly now book, had cost at every turn tens of thousands of. Do a few activities to be sent very quickly. Those who receive propagandist book, estimation also won’t collect carefully is worn, break up break up to throw away. This is huge waste actually.
If this charge is cast,go up in Internet, do not say what effect problem, save first below a large sum of.

Can make money for oneself nobody sees what buy a ticket, have travel agent to see seek advice, this effect is very practical, can make money namely, make money for scene area.

Also can want to consider for governmental overall situation for overall situation profitable institution, travel scene area is figure, it is face this east east do not do well, in case investment business, ranking leader saw not carefully, the travel website that can take board is bagatelle, it is the thing of travel department merely, still matter to the important matter that whole area economy grows. This is not the line on raise to the higher plane of principle, it is real case as a whole, government sector it may not be a bad idea, institution it may not be a bad idea, investment yields, and investment produces a proportion satisfactory, so devoted also not be afraid of greatly again. Know to was not used obviously, investing a minute of money also is wasteful, investment committed a crime 10 thousand yuan namely.

So, scene area website also should talk about investment to yield problem, it is redound only what, need scene him area went considering. Also be the problem that service business is worth to consider.