51la was hanged, how should your website answer search engine

Violet cropland let seal let your website won’t losing solves method to make an investigation at the same time, how many does the violet cropland user that treats fogyism have? The server is hanged, to stationmaster it is very depressed.

Will close above all, losing is money. Discharge of a day is money of a day. Bit a few, on big drop 10 thousand income was done not have. These still are not the most painful, if the website can be not opened a few days, your website meets the client with loss share not firm intention probably. The success of a website and having Fasn of how many dutiful become direct proportion. This understandable also the user that enters your website to input website address directly.

Gibberish does not say, say settlement way first. This is to be aimed at those who do not have backup data.

Above all what you should do is to look for a server that can visit, build new site. Build new page, in the page explain simply

Be like:

Exemple one

The person that because stand originally,visit inside short time dash forward add, current server cannot bear enormous flow, reason upgrades server.

Exemple 2

Some competitor atttacks this station, ask everybody to await patiently. We had touched crisis jointly.

Exemple 3

This station is upgrading program, ask authority some time hind visit, the inconvenience that brings to you asks you to forgive.

Write down. What this page should do is simple easy, letting the person that visit feel you is work in the intention, is not muddle through one’s work.

Ten million cannot come directly a <html><body><h1> is relevant information </h1></body></html>

It is a domain name next direct and analytic go up to this new site. Doing next 404 jump turn page. The time of 1 second jumps turn to home page.

Do these content, short-term inside won’t have a problem to the website. Search engine won’t seal your website because of these, reduce you in great quantities collect an amount.

Although your website data you are one day abrupt discovery does not have Site, you also need not worry about this moment. Because be temporary only, after waiting for period of time, you are met rediscovery your collecting number still is so much.

If your website returns half month,be to cannot restore data. Search to moment can your data flies clear sky this your website weight whether very tall.

The thing that next you need to do is, contact a computer room at once, obtain data at once.
If possible word, can put on the server leave a message board, the forum that need not register. The netizen that can let your website still has an opportunity that communicates together.

Ten million retains backup data after!