5 technological process that a successful website SEO knows surely

A website builds, doing SEO to optimize is necessary step, but is how doing SEO just most effectual? 4 flow are indispensable under.

One, the keyword that search and decides you

Search, an important step in deciding your key word is Seo! Through understanding your user, understanding

The habit when the searchs you service of your user, will decide oneself keyword. Two current small methods:

1, imagine oneself into the client, when wanting to search your product, can input what keyword.

2, through Baidu relevant keyword is searched with advocate the word related the keyword. The target term that determines you (one

3-6 is like keyword) , study the index is high and the website that competition spends low keyword to be able to give you is brought very big


2, aggrandizement content

Want to remember forever, a website is right the value of the user, it is the soul of this website, the key word in can be being allowed internally appropriately is added thick, commutation color, content caption, key word appears in the Alt label of Meta label and picture. If your style of writing is better, have the word of relatively original understanding again, so you can try yourself to write a few achieve an article formerly, the content uniqueness to the website is the most effective.

3, in-house link and exterior link

There is very remarkable and main effect in exterior link is ranked in what search engine and be being collected. In-house link lets search engine to know you think your website what is important, exterior link lets search engine to think your what webpage is important to everybody.

Of flexible language those who write is first-rate, can arrive more a few forum, rich guest or chapter of Dig website dispatch, link of the character that use anchor wants the webpage of the rank to you, attention: Scarcely wants group of hair, valuable article is sent when dispatch chapter, the keyword link of anchorage character is very significant.

4, analytic statistic origin

According to statistical data, make clear a keyword further, arrive circularly the first pace. Can pass a few more popular statistic tools, help you understand working progress, clearer oneself business situation. Also understand keyword approach through statistic, strengthen content further, catenary, rank firm thereby etc.

5, forecast heat keyword

Why should forecast heat keyword? The flow that brings because of heat keyword is very large, of course the competition among this is opposite also bigger, this is about to see your assurance to Internet trend ability, still have the capacity that should see you have thinking of sex of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics.

E.g. game it is a very popular keyword, the about all sorts of game keyword search on the net is numberless as the sand, important is to look how do you do.

The method of general and groovy sex is to make game secret record, every month has new play to come out, can do book of a few secret, strategy to wait according to the keyword of these new play, also can bring not little flow of course, but competition is too big, do not easily.

Blazing method is OK game is made above him station, travel wanting a station develops operation game to have some of difficulty independently, but stationmaster can join platform of a few game, also have now many such game platform, general the game that such platform has a lot of to differ, so the keyword that all game on this platform can be you.

If although your keyword these game accomplishs the 2nd page, the 3rd page, the IP that comes from Baidu everyday also is considerable. And the IP that come is to developing the game keyword that you do to come, the station that you discover after coming has this game to be able to play as expected, the precipitation to IP also is very effective.

Join such game platform, the most important is the platform with should look for game sort to compare much, public praise better, such you just have enough much keyword can be done, the discharge that from the search engine brings just is met more. Say next my websites, joined hubble-bubble of platform of game of a webpage to play Union.popwan.com, add channel of a game on his website next, make keyword conduct propaganda in the light of these game, everyday only the keyword of these game can come thousands of IP.

Can accomplish above at 5 o’clock, the SEO of a website is already very good, calculate period of time to be not popularized, also can bring an user ceaselessly from search engine in a steady stream, also staring at every day go seeing flow.