5 kinds of penalty of Baidu with what solve

Core clew: By castigatory stationmaster, after cancelling cogged behavior, send a card here please, perhaps send mail to apply for to remove to Spam@baidu.com penalty.

Heavy bottom of 1. home page

In the Site in Baidu oneself domain name if home page is not to be in the first, can call home page heavy base.

What want statement now is home page sink in Baidu the rough draft is not regular it is penalty, your Site sina can discover it is heavy also bottom, but to most individual stationmaster, home page heavy bottom often is a signal, explain Baidu may want to become angry.

Just sank in the home page in Baidu generally speaking the rank when the bottom won’t have change, discharge also won’t drop, say it is a signal so, when be being updated next time, you may want to get penalty, at this moment the Url that you should see search you directly in Baidu looks to whether still be, if home page is done not have by K, should not be penalty or lighter penalty, if home page was dropped by Baidu K, then you have big trouble probably.

Means of settlement: Proposal everybody against a rainy day, home page heavy bottom check link at once, purify is optimized needlessly, pile up for instance keyword, conceal a character, rubbish link, bridge page, play a window, site structure is complex, the server is not stable, group hair rubbish link is waited a moment, should do incidentally do achieve formerly, the person of Seo of begin to learn is optimized very easily excessive, baidu is right now this is very sensitive, offer a piece of advice each look before you leap, everything going too far as bad as not going far enough.

2. depilates do not fall authority

Depilating is Baidu collects page number to decrease considerably, of course this is to be aimed at your former Baidu to collect a page number, odd quantity should is former 10% to 50% differ, baidu depilates happen when be updated greatly commonly, this also is the likelihood that the institute of home page heavy heart that a moment ago said brings one of consequence.

Depilate do not fall authority is to show Baidu is collected decrease but odd page rank is basic and changeless, this kind of case is better, general meeting continues to collect you the following page, carry particular weight, if can give up is suspected of cogged place, call in possibly still entirely, this is called Baidu to shuffle, depilating quickly according to Baidu of observation near future and shuffle, I think this is a signal that should eliminate rubbish to stand.

Means of settlement: This kind of circumstance is to optimize commonly excessive, slight and cogged cause, can increase to the website some achieve content formerly, purify optimizes exceeding part, should OK do calm.

3. depilates add fall authority

This is those who compare firm, I believe to need not explain everybody also knows again is what meaning. The happening of this kind of circumstance is Baidu thinks you have more serious cogged action, such later although collect again much page, won’t bring what discharge basically also.

Means of settlement: If this kind of circumstance is rubbish station need not have been done actually, because basically opportunity of it doesn’t matter carries power again, if be normal station, affirm oneself are done not have cogged, check link, insist to be achieved formerly, of total can organic meeting.

4, polished rod commander

This is a remnant that says Baidu K your home page, cogged word, this basically is dead. Do not have cogged word, the examination touchs the content that makes law (contain Zheng Zhi sensitive information, the gamble content) such as SeQing information, LiuHecai, interrelate with the server website of same IP, the trojan is hanged in the website (notice a lot of discharge exchange a website to be able to put trojan) now, wait because of hanging a trojan to punish in place connective website.

Settle way: It is very difficult that this natural solution is sealed, normal station affirms no longer cogged hind the proposal sends mail to look to Baidu hair have lease of life of a gleam of.

5.k stands

Your website is in that is to say Baidu Site is already complete nonexistent, it is good that this does not have what say, arrived do you return this one pace not to know what fault you made? Was opposite, too much domain name points to a station, bring about partial domain name possibly also by K.

Means of settlement: With 4

Be like,think the website is cogged from beginning to end drink poison to quench thirst-seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences, killed oneself to affirmative finally meeting, the person that play with fire is burned oneself surely. Sureness makes a station, do content hard for the user, make sure Baidu can like you. Cite finally a paragraph of word of Baidu: Penalty is not a purpose, making Internet clean just is a purpose.

To any websites that cancel cogged behavior, baidu supports greeting attitude. Penalty removes after the penalty with can be in certain expires. Castigatory period inspects harm degree and decide, arrive from a month 3 months are longer perhaps differ. By castigatory stationmaster, after cancelling cogged behavior, send a card here please, perhaps send mail to apply for to remove to Spam@baidu.com penalty. In the card or in mail, describe oneself cogged way please, begin date what get penalty roughly, and cogged behavior corrects date.