4 perhaps on the net never the SEO problem that the person has mentioned

Core clew: A few days ago a friend that makes Friagan writes Email to me, asked a few he considers as a net to go up never the SEO problem that the person has mentioned. The question is more, need not short literal ability answer to be clear about, ask for those who get Friagan to agree so, write a card to make public an answer, helpful also to someone else perhaps.

The first problem: The link looks and common text is same, whether be to belong to obscure a link?

The rich of personnel of almost all Seo has a large number of links on the guest, give out a certain link is probable the content that because be involved really in the article,points to about this link, also may be Seo ace deliberatelied plan to arrange a key word but put on very natural tendency to give out however this link, anyhow, in be the rich guest that appears in personnel of a Seo, this kind of behavior goes can be understood.

But if I am doing a common website, optimize to give a certain key word to do, also give out through some key word in an article the home page that a few catenary receive me, the likelihood is a worry to the reader, because the reader sees the character of blue ribbon underline always wants to be clicked, when he is clicked, discovery returned my home page again, this is afraid is to comparative a thing that makes a reader cheesed, so, I think, can become a link to a certain key word, but define it however in Css style for black font, without underline, with all round the character that does not take a link exactly like, have 3 objectives so:

Purpose 1 it is the link that searchs engine to be able to see me, but read won’t be disturbed

Purpose 2 if somebody is duplicate,be mine article, duplicated with respect to meeting conveniently my link, if he is enough and careless, he follows to did not know to had duplicated originally my link.

Purpose 3 be (can mention in the 2nd my problem)

You think, this kind of behavior, can be considered as to do harm, because he lets searched engine to see reader place sees the thing that be less than, although the reader is not to cannot see completely, he saw key word at least, but did not see a link.

Reply: I think to obscure a link namely so, had attributed cogged action. Want average user to see the link that be less than only, obscure a link namely.

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