4 paces music is not DIY SEO one-time task

Simple for, SEO cent is 4 paces: It is to establish basic standard; 2 it is to make the website is adjusted reach the designated position; 3 it is to make website content rich rise; 4 it is to increase in-house link.

Do this sound easy? But the ability after implementing SEO strategy only calculates scored a success truly. Actually, specific running still is more complex, and investment is very large. But, want to have patience, him set target, control a process next, everything can undertake by the plan.

It is the standard with basic set.

As a good business, must want the standard with basic set, SEO target decides your target and preferential development plan. Be end of business of SEO strategy set is the mainest. What is the target of the SEO activity that you develop? Whether be to want to choose to increase flow through promoting a search engine? Whether do you want to pass the whole that improves a website to search function to sell more products? Whether is this concerned with ROI? Whether should you turn into your service successful brand, in order to promote flow?

The target of set be on sale, join SEO among them, achieve commercial goal in order to help. To in those days, you just can establish basic standard, define your development direction and development mission.

2 it is to make the website is adjusted reach the designated position.

Before wanting to make the rank of target keyword and crucial phrase leans, the website must make he can index in searching engine. It is easy that this says but make it is difficult to rise:

If website structure is the URL that is based on trends, undertake rescripting to URL with respect to need, in order to realize the optimization of index.

If the network uses add URL, the consideration selects the search engine that guides afresh to shed quantitative change to be normative URL, in order to strengthen in-house link, what implementation content duplicates is the smallest change.

If the website is to be based on Flash or AJAX framework, build with respect to need another can inspect working area.

Making the website realizes successful index is the first target normally, because this needs process designing, also need funds investment. Any SEO project needs much investment in Technical Division. Eliminating an index to convert the barrier of index is lowermost standard normally, you must want to add rich content for the website, the product that offers online operation place to need or it is a service. But if the website does not have operation, cannot have index. And if the website was not indexed, you obtain relatively tall search impossibly to choose discharge.

3 it is to add rich content.

Lay foundation of a job to produce rich content, you must want to guide undertake extensive keyword is searched. If the keyword did not show,go up in the webpage, webpage hind or it is navigation content in, the website cannot be found or be implementation keyword and crucial phrase optimize.

If you adjust the website,reached the designated position, in wanting to put crucial end into the framework of the website, in order to realize the optimization that content installs. Description of label of such as caption, Meta, text is duplicate wait for SEO element to be able to be gone to the influence that the keyword searchs.

Develop rich content, be not is the job. Want to undertake measuring to your website standard, ensure keyword choice is to be in the target, produce the result that gives need, achieve your commercial end and goal of be on sale.

Develop rich website, need time, money. This is not onefold, the can complete work of short time. Develop good content for the website, it is a persistent job, it is the main component of SEO activity.

4 it is to establish in-house link.

Develop good content for the website, this also is mandatory to the project that concerns another times with SEO activity, this establishs a link namely. Outstanding content can produce thematic interior to link substantially, the interior with an optimized not due and too much website is linked.

Establishing a link is one lasts, the project that evolves ceaselessly, with echo of SEO end from beginning to end. It can help the search engine visibility that improves a website, cause the attention of the user to spend, appeal mainstream media strengthens a report, rich settle or live in a strange place is built on the website or be community media. Be not every website to need afore-mentioned content, decide according to your target however.

Want to choose the target of the link, have 4 kinds of in-house links generally speaking: Conduce to improvement clicking the link of discharge secondhand; Conduce to improvement searching the link of engine position; Conduce to improvement clicking discharge secondhand namely, conduce to improvement searching the link of engine position again; Namely helpless click discharge secondhand at improvement, helpless the link that searchs engine position at improvement.

Want to realize the distinctive link potential of your website, start work next establish a link. Should pay close attention to at discovering an opportunity, the interior that increases keyword, theme and high quality for website homepage and core classification webpage is linked. Text link wants implementation to optimize, but do not shut conduce to improvement the website searchs engine but the link of diopter.

Although natural SEO activity can be divided simply,be 4 measure, but every website is different. Accordingly, with respect to the different complexity that can produce a website. Every industry has different company, every enterprise has different cause. Your DIY SEO activity is a plan that having, be not one-time task. (textual a hair on Feburary 28, 2007; Compile: Jin Shengxi)