4 measure raise Baidu to search the website of engine to rank quickly

What is is the website the most important? It is gain of course, discharge is the foundation of gain, and the rank decides discharge on very large order again. Place, say on some kind of meaning, do a website to make a rank namely actually. How to raise a rank? Somebody feels very difficult, also be such really, the regulation of Baidu and GG is underground, everybody can be estimate only, the level is high, many bits when guess, many right bits.

It is to do good content, install good keyword

At the beginning of the website is built, must type a few data first, in order to have the spider is enjoyed. If there is data before you, and increase suddenly one of these day a lot of, be considered as easily by Baidu cogged. And stock a large number of content at the beginning, won’t have this risk. Before Baidu was not being collected actually, already for many times your website, you do not have discovery in Baidu, not be Baidu did not visit you, however Baidu is analysed in observation just. Accordingly your website content does not want observation period cruel add. To the keyword, must have installed, what the specification wants here is, keyword may not and your website title is same, for instance my talent website is the Huaihe River brings video talent net, but what I install the keyword is the Huaihe River brings talent net. The keyword once set, do not want to alter, have very big effect to the rank otherwise. The setting of the keyword, everybody can consult my talent is mixed more house property net.

2 it is to login, post, ensure collect as soon as possible

When to collect to Baidu, do not have clear rule up to now, but OK and affirmative is, let Baidu know your website as soon as possible, can raise collected machine rate. This is about to log onto each in time to search engine greatly, and arrive PR is taller, collect faster website, for instance Admin5, baidu can think, leave the website of mark everywhere, it is pretty good website.

3 it is to post extensively, raise PR as soon as possible

After Baidu is collected, it is the catenary outside wanting those who increase a website next. Exchanging a link is an important way, and also be the method with the most effective link. Of course. To GG, the catenary outside increasing, the result that improves PR is affirmative. Because of tall PR, the chance that you can obtain become reconciled website to link is much. The link is much, also be the main factor that Baidu decides to rank.

4 it is extensive exchange link, raise a rank

Those who pass period of time is extensive post, await PR to rise patiently, after the PR that becomes you rises, can mix of high quality (be tall PR) has a link not merely. Some people like to use post machine will replace exchange to link, think such link will be some more. But these links are quality very low, and easy outdated, commutative link is different, baidu often can be updated. Must look for those to update the catenary fetch with tall frequency to do so.

Here is carried incidentally, a lot of people think PR compares tall website, it is the target that the link should seek, but my individual thinks, baidu may not is met the PR of bird GG this one, the fact also proves, my talent net, the keyword is ranked the 2nd, but PR has 1 only, a lot of taller than me PR were discharged from the back. The frequency that Baidu updates and collect the main factor that I consider as the amount influence Baidu rank, this is guess, did not win data support. Everybody and I observe together.

Baidu rank, it is the thing that sees Shi Jianzhi, above content is my a bit experience, may not is completely correct, the hope has opportunity and everybody to be discussed together with a ha breath out (Diyfzl.cn)