4 big main trends of domestic search dog of search of Yahoo of song of engine Baidu cereal

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One, Baidu

Baidu company (Baidu.com, inc) 1999 the bottom holds water at American Silicon Valley, its person that found is the Li Yan that there is experience of work of much the year’s harvest in American Silicon Valley grand gentleman and Mr Xu Yong. In January 2000, the wholy-owned subsidiary that Baidu company established it in China – Baidu network technology (Beijing) limited company, will establish Shenzhen branch in October at of the same age subsequently, established Shanghai agency in Shanghai again in June 2001.

The name of Baidu is placing Baidu company to be opposite the confidence of oneself technology, another meaning breaks through a thing to accomplish the western view that ninety-nine is spent even if accomplishs a head namely, baidu wants to strive to accomplish 100 degrees namely, accomplish the state that blossoms on the top.

Baidu company is different from the network company on common sense. It is not content of Internet of with a view to already offer, also not be portal website, however the technology that a base oneself upon offers Internet core technology at mastering independently company. In Chinese Internet economy of swift and violent development today, the current situation of characteristic of language of world of Baidu company union’s advanced network technology, China and progress of Chinese Internet economy, development went Chinese Internet Information Retrieval and deliver infrastructure platform, and use the most advanced trade pattern, what offer costly value for the Internet of whole China directly is technical service Internet product, it is China’s most outstanding Internet technology provider.

Since Baidu company enters Chinese Internet market oneself, accord with Chinese habit in order to develop truly all the time, the Internet core technology that can expand is a mission. Target of Baidu place importunate is the technical component that raises Chinese Internet namely, help China Internet develops quickly and try hard. For this, baidu is brought not only solve Internet foundation problem (information search and information are delivered) product, and the concept with the company culture that brought Silicon Valley style and Internet brand-new application. Now, baidu has 3 product line, divide already by industry wide outside searching engine for admissive portal website Chinese, still have the search product that serves the tall specific aim at the enterprise – Baidu net thing is connected, and the website quickens a technology. The occurrence of Baidu cultivates the one side stand that had ethical technology for Chinese Internet, the situation that relies on original China Internet foreign network technology is broken.

Baidu exceeds catenary analysis to be a foundation with the core technology of oneself, offerred search service experiences those who won broad user to love; to exceed catenary to analyse is link a website through the analysis more or less will evaluate the website quality that is linked, when this made sure the user is searched in Baidu, before sufferring rank of user gay content to lean more more. President plum Yan Hong exceeds Baidu namely the exclusive holder with catenary patent analysis, at present this technology already was the world to search engine to be used generally greatly each.

Baidu owns the Chinese webpage warehouse with the oldest whole world, collect Chinese webpage to already exceeded 2 billion at present, the amount of these webpages is in with the speed of ten million class everyday growth; at the same time, the server that Baidu distributings in Chinese each district, can go up from the closest server directly, return place search information to local user, make the user enjoys splitting search to transmit speed.

Baidu handles the search that comes from more than 138 countries more than several times to request everyday, everyday more than 70 thousand user sets Baidu for home page, it is OK that the user searchs engine through Baidu search arrives on the world newest the most complete Chinese information. Rose 2004, have a problem, baidu begin in China faddish, baidu becomes the pronoun of the search.

Baidu still provides the service such as rank of price of software, contest and associated advertisement for of all kinds enterprise, provided a sale platform that wins potential customer for the enterprise, offer huge Information Retrieval and administrative program for large company and governmental orgnaization. The main business pattern of Baidu is ranked for contest price (P4P, pay For Performance) , the network that pays fee by the effect for a kind namely extends pattern, this service undertakes for broad medium and small businesses network sale was offerred relatively the development opportunity of beautiful, but also caused somebody of; of a few controversy to think this service can affect user experience at the same time.

2, Gu Ge

1. about Google

Google company (Google Inc. , NASDAQ: GOOG) , be an United States appear on the market company () of public joint-stock company, on September 7, 1998 with demesne the type of joint-stock company founds, search headquarters of engine;Google company to be located in city of California hill scene with design and managing an Internet, set sale and engineering agency in global each district. Google website 1999 second half of the year starts;2004 year on August 19, the stock of Google company is overcome in Na Sida (Nasdaq) appears on the market, become public joint-stock company. The headquarters of Google company calls Googleplex, the Shan Jingcheng that is located in carat of American California emperor to help a county (Mountain View) . In in all patriarch pulls li of • admire to surprise after be being retreated, the predecessor CEO of Novell company, eric • Schmidt (Eric E. Dr. Schmidt) , became the CEO of Google company.

On April 12, 2006, the global Chinese name that • Schmidt announces this company in Beijing is Eric of Google company CEO Gu Ge (the report points out take justice the song of the bumper harvest, nevertheless also the report points out take justice the song) of the valley. In the meantime, the branch entitle that Google company registers at was in Taiwan area on Feburary 15, 2006 is beautiful limited company of business division tall international. Before this, in commerce of economy of a China International controversy of arbitral committee domain name solves a center in adjudication book, the company is called family high company. This company also has Gu Ge.cn, Gu Ge. .com(of fruit of China, cluck but do not have cluck fruit. China reachs cluck fruit. Company) wait for Chinese domain name. Outside although Chinese user is in,removing its English name more often call Google ancient dog or dog, .cn of.com of ancient dog of its Chinese domain name, ancient dog, ancient dog. China already all was grabbed to note by other company.

In addition, google ever used cluck fruit to be signed as agreement in the branch of Beijing and the Chinese translated term of network invite applications for a job. Beijing time (UTC+8)2006 year on April 17 before dawn 1 when the left and right sides, website of Google simplified Chinese appears formally cereal song model of written characters (other area shows Google) only as before. Google China is to sow to Gu Ge’s explanation with the song that expect, also be results and delighted song, say this name is the faculty ballot of classics Google China. Gu Ge is released before long, encounter the criticism of a lot of users namely. Subsequently, partial Chinese user sponsors activity of the autograph on the network that opposes Gu Ge. But Google China insists to use Gu Ge to serve as official name, but in actual in still put in China of Gu Ge, Google to mix used appearance. The first step that completes this mission only then brand-new online search engine was developed jointly inside the student dormitory that is in Stanford university at Google author Larry Page and Sergey Brin, transmit information searcher of the whole world quickly next. Google is current by fair the search engine that thinks global scale is the largest, it provided the free service that uses easily simply, the user can get relevant search result in the instant.

When your visit or numerous Google of region temporarily, you can use a variety of languages to search information, examine share price, map and important news, search American churchyard the telephone directory list of all cities, search billions of plan picture and detailed reads the Usenet with the greatest whole world information files–Exceed billion card, issue date is OK restrospect to 1981. The user need not visit Google homepage designedly, also can visit all these information.

2.Google technology

Google grasps the belief that supporting the search engine with perfect development, in industry develop a school of one’s own. Alleged and perfect search index is propped up, with respect to what like one of company author Larry Page place defines in that way, can dismiss the idea of the user truly, cut those who return an user to need. To achieve this one goal, google unremitting ground goes after innovation, and the limitation that does not get existing model. Accordingly, the service infrastructure that Google developed him and have revolutionary PageRank™Technology, make search kind happened essential sex to change.

The development staff of Google from realize at the beginning: Want to provide the most accurate search result with the rapiddest rate, need a kind of brand-new server setting. Most search engine relies on a few large servers, such, in the visit fastigium speed can be decelerated, and the answer that the PC that Google uses mutual link however will come to search every search quickly. Technology of this one innovation shortened successfully answer time, rose but expansibility, reduced cost. This also is other company is in all the time the technology of follow the lead of. Meanwhile, google never has stopped what carry a technology ever since to be opposite improve, in order to make its technology efficiency taller.

The software that place of Google search technology relies on can undertake at the same time a series of operation, and need moment to be able to complete all operation only. And traditional search engine depends on greatly the frequency that the character appears on the webpage. Google uses PageRank™The technology checks whole network to link a structure, decide what webpage importance is highest. Marry an analysis originally into Hang Chaowen next, in order to decide what webpage and the specific search that carrying out are relevant. After considering integral importance and the dependency with specific inquiry integratedly, google is OK the will most relevant the most reliable search is put in the first place as a result.

PageRank technology: Through be opposite by more than 50, 0 variable and the equation that 2 billion vocabularies comprise have consideration, pageRank can make objective assessment to the importance of the webpage. PageRank is not calculated the amount of direct link, webpage A is right for the link explanation that will point to webpage B from webpage A however the one bill that webpage B place sends. Such, the voting amount that PageRank can receive according to webpage B place will assess the value of this page.

In addition, pageRank still can assess the value of every voting webpage, because of certain webpage voting be thought to have higher value, such, the webpage that it links can obtain higher value. The PageRank(webpage that important webpage obtains is ranked) taller, show the coping that searching a result thereby. Google technology uses the comprehensive information of the feedback on the net to determine the value of a certain webpage. The search does not have artificial interpose as a result or operate, this also is why Google can become a wide benefit from door reliance, do not suffer rank paying fee to affect and just and objective news source.

Exceed text to marry an analysis: The search engine of Google also analyses webpage content at the same time. However, the text version that the technology of Google does not introduce pure scanning to be based on a webpage (website hair mercer can pass yuan of mark to control this kind of text version) means, the entire content that analyses a webpage however and font, partition and every written language is exact the element such as the position. Google still can analyse the content of photograph adjacent webpage at the same time, return in order to ensure inquire the most relevant result with the user.

The innovation of Google not machine of table of be confined to. The user that visits a network through portable equipment to ensure can achieve accurate search result quickly, google still took the lead in rolling out industry technology of the first wireless search, so that change HTML immediately,be the format that optimizes in the light of WAP, I-mode, J-SKY and EZWeb.

3.Google China

Edition of China of Google cereal song is Google company it is what China develops to search for designedly implement. The server is located in Chinese Beijing. Google claims, the rate of Google.cn is rapidder. But search result and all without information edition of examination.COM international has certain difference.

The part is large because media and company of science and technology assist China ZF to sift check network information, and send troops to punish by all circles. Yahoo (Yahoo) offers data of user email account to give China ZF, bring about mainland reporter Shi Tao to be in 2003 with was arrested 2005 put in prison. Microsoft shuts a popular rich settle or live in a strange place (Blog) website, because of its content enrages the information censor of Gcd. Cisco company (Cisco) sells network equipment, the person that assist Peking ZF limitation to use accesses the website of global information network such as guest of sundry abroad news, rich, forum. However, rare company resembles Google this Zuo doing it publicly. Google is stationed in chinese mainland personnel and Gcd clasp, in order to ensure the seeks a result not to contain Zf not to wish to let the people see information that Google.cn produces, video or the website is concatenate. Of Google basically search for engine website, google.com, still must go up repeatedly in chinese mainland, but use efficiency normally not clear, because from Great Firewall Of China inside cannot what this website place offers open is concatenate. And the line reachs via often can be being disturbed when searching for. In fact, google ever expressed, block Google.com of Chinese intermittence ground, it is the main factor that this company establishs examination type to search for station Google.cn.

Google claims, the rate of Google.cn is rapidder, right the person that use provides better service- – and Google still is in webpage most lower part understands the message that discloses information examination (according to local law laws and regulations and policy, partial search did not grant to show) as a result. Even so, the person that criticize still censures, google disobeys this company to flaunt " not do evil " spirit, from the business with pleasant good sacrifice praise, assist block to let Gcd feel minatory its extremely the religion with regnant authority, politics and historical information. Liu Xiaobo of idea idea writer says: " this and your dot are chosen concatenate but the case that cannot see content is different. At least you look reach what information suffers intercept. But new Google serves a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes that examines information to rise to Tibet. " in other words, can grind no longer now sentenced information scrutator to hide what message after all, know some information were sifted to get rid of only.

Below some circumstances, this kind of information operates quite delicate. Say for example, if the student wants to consider " Republic Of China " , google.cn is checked on, can be directed came 1912 1949 the data of that paragraph of period, the mainland is a country with Republic Of China in those days renown. But make in Google.com search for likewise, meeting generation connects the website toward thither Taiwan, because Taiwan still is official country name with Republic Of China.