38 SEO classical ana

Core clew: 38 information that oneself combined a net to go up arranged Seo classical ana classical ana of 38 home SEO, the friend that the hope has fun at is participated in together collect arrange.

1, the foundation that content is SEO, the keyword is the core of SEO, the link is the key of SEO, UEO is SEO deepen.

2, SEO well-done website is same, what the website that SEO does badly has each each is different.

3, should become SEOer, all alone with the search such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo engine talks about love above all.

4, SEO does not have ace, have novice and old hand only.

5, the system building a station that the choice has optimized can save below a lot of SEO to work.

6, the character that knows search engine first, redo SEO is met get twice the result with half the effort.

7, the website that must have optimizes 10 hearts: Patient, determination, absorption, care, be careful, avaricious, cruel-hearted, confabulate, conscience, Shu Xin.

8, analyse website of well-done of a SEO to surpass blundering ground to read 100 SEO article seriously.

9, the most effective method is to be in SEO practice and SEO of be used to of case analysis middle school.

10, SEO knowledge learns to come out, practice comes out SEO ability, SEO experience is to accumulate come out, edification comes out SEO keyword optimizes intuition.

11, the purpose with perfectness SEO depends on applying completely.

12, the website experiences without good user, SEO is not all-purpose.

13, SEO is done so that can bring discharge very much, UEO is done well can tarry and change discharge.

14, search engine sale, SEO, SEM and UEO, cannot little.

15, the essence of network sale is sale, SEO is one of network sale. Accordingly, do not want for SEO SEO, and should undertake SEO for sale.

16, the website optimizes ≠SEO, the website is optimized include SEO and UEO at least two respects, because this true website is optimized,must hold to SEO and UEO photograph give birth to what grow to optimize a concept.

17, when SEO does the website interior that becomes great master almost, than spelling the retrorse link quality that who is tall and the amount is much.

18, SEO resembles mathematical formula simply occasionally, understand very easily, but in solving a problem actually, somebody can find the solution in N, somebody also cannot be found one kind.

19, SEO has basic principle only, and without fixed tactics. Changing only just is changeless. The business that a station can do, the station that does not represent you also can be done.