3 engine complain Baidu/google/yahoo rubbish page address

Encounter several friends to ask me on QQ Baidu complains the address of rubbish page recently. QQ group in once also had said to everybody.

A moment ago somebody asks, I just Baidu rubbish webpage complains Baidu, the result discovers the page that Baidu publishs has been deleted.

Estimation is the person that goes complaining too much. Baidu was overcome

Below 3 can be used, nevertheless I had not been complained, do not know to have the effect. The friend that has need can try.

Baidu rubbish webpage complains: / Antispam/spamreport.html

Google rubbish webpage complains: / Contact/spamreport.html

Chinese Yahoo searchs rubbish webpage to complain: / Feedback.html? Product=onesearch