3 big reasons: Devise webpage benefit according to new HTML standard

Core clew: Web standard conduces to optimize search engine, can attract more discharge. In index when your website, very poor code of the organization may bring an issue to search engine.

When building a website, a lot of reason let you follow Web standard. Staff of enterprise, development and user are met the benefit in the practice from compatible standard. Listed here a few make a person most the reason of be convinced, why all websites ought to compatible standard:

Web standard assists developer:

Reduce development time. You can control whole design with exterior CSS file, avoid to resemble such repetition code.

Reduce defend time. The change that alters document of a certain exterior CSS can affect whole website.

Increase design capacity. CSS of function of a few high designs can come true, and HTML is no good.

Develop clearer code. XHTML changes the pattern, structure and action are separate, be read more easily and safeguard.

With alone modal watch. Make its can deliver same XHTML content below a variety of formats. File of a XHTML can get used to screen, hold equipment and print show.

Develop stabler code. The code with compatible standard may apply to the browser of prospective version, also apply to old browser.

Web standard helps a company:

Save development cost. Develop time through reducing a website, can reduce development cost greatly.

Save server bandwidth cost. Because structure, format is changed,place respectively with behavior go up in the website with compatible standard, when the user clicks link page.CSS and JavaScript need download only.

The help develops personnel on time consign. When development personnel can be built effectively and safeguard a website, catch up with pressing deadline more likely.

Web standard helps an user:

Accelerate to load rate. Exterior CSS and JavaScript need to load only, and do not need to be in every time when page to load to load.

Improve easy visit sex. Deformity user and equipment choose equipment user to be able to get website content. (Think of.cn of 100 million Europe)