3 action teach you and spider to do well relation

The thing that lists we can do in these 3 respects one by one below:

The first action, website that attracts search engine spider to come to you

Attract search engine spider, increase the frequency that its visit, basically have the following two methods:

1. raises website article to update frequency, assure article quality, in order to attract search engine spider

2.In newer frequency taller website establishs a link, in order to attract a spider. Be like the rich guest website, other website with taller weight

The 2nd action, crawl that makes search engine successful your webpage

Think method lets search engine spider not to have block all right in the free inside your website that is to say, the can successful webpage that finds you.

1. builds the website map of the Xml format that accords with Sitemap.org standard, keep the address of website map into your Robots.txt.

2. does not use JS to play a window or join other page. Search engine spider cannot program of normal and analytic JS, nature cannot visit your webpage normally.

Whether is the webpage that checks you like next similar link code:

<a Href=javascript: View1(shownews.asp? Newsid=240′)>[url][/url]</a>

3. optimizes your website to link a structure

Zac is in Seo is daily the following notes are recommended in the rich guest that sticks, the individual feels very reasonable: The homepage is linked to all channel homepages, the homepage does not link inward look page directly commonly, unless be you,miss a few when push special pages very much.

All channel homepage is connected to other channel homepage,

Channel homepage answers website homepage repeatedly,

Channel homepage also is connected to the content page that belongs to him itself channel,

Channel homepage is not connected commonly to the content page that belongs to other channel,

All content page is connected to website homepage,

All content page connects the homepage of channel of on one class to oneself,

Content page can be connected to same the other content page of a channel,

Content page does not connect the content page to other channel commonly,

Content page falls in certain circumstance, can connect the content page to other channel with proper keyword,

Channel forms minute of theme.

Spider of engine of the 3rd action, all alone letting search feels your webpage is useful, thereby in the webpage income bursa you

Want to win the fragrant heart of search engine, get fact of a bit true ability naturally to expect ability is right, it is a few proposal below:

1. website article is achieved formerly as far as possible, the treatment editor that reprints an article to need to have article caption, content will undertake bogus is achieved formerly.

2.Reduce website content repetition rate.

3.Number of webpage article word is in 300 character (150 Chinese characters) above, best 1000 words left and right sides.

This article is my practical experience summary, effective to engine of great majority search! Of course if you by certain additional kind SE is stared at went up, the method that used the article not be successful. Stage of that elder brother, I am sorry, I am very helpless also.