2007 spend SEO individual to sum up first half of the year (Baidu edition)

7 years algorithm has Baidu change believing everybody is be obvious to all. . This dish bird does each person to sum up here only, among them very much individual also is held suspicious manner, still ask everybody to give advice or comments greatly.

1, above all the time that Baidu collects to new station page lengthens apparently, and had had relatively large-scale falls power move, old corn is very popular quite under photograph comparing

Two big newer pages just may collect Baidu of new website big essentials more complete (attention: Here is defer collects released time only, and releasing before collecting, the spider has run to cross your website and refer a database) updating time greatly every time is every about month 11, update lesserly about every week 41.

2, caption remains a grand opera, but and to collecting, existence crosses much reduplicative caption, baidu has had certain immunity.

Here the caption SEO element that this cole reintroduce is not a page. Because of,the rank in searching a result namely is met of netizen hits how many and change.

The nature before someone can say the rank leans clicks a time much. But I think to be in to be the same as the search result of one page, the time that is clicked also can affect the rank of this page conversely.

Outstanding content is very so serious, the effect that adds special phrase to you can remove expect to be less than after brief caption oh (entice click? Search engine thinks possibly still your to be achieved formerly)

3, the keyword density of webpage coping, more important, original nevertheless left on of the position seem already far be inferior to was very popular once upon a time.

4, the keyword of the keyword density of webpage whole and rear. These do not have a feeling to come out to have what change: (

5, the link inside the website. Do not have a feeling to have change

If not be to make certain statement painstakingly,do not have necessary take seriously, the link outside if want,doing individual of a certain word to feel to stand is some more important. .

6, website content often is not changed, page structure change also does not want too frequent, link especially.

This originally very important, more important now. Collected cycle to lengthen after all.

7, other search engine greatened to the influence of Baidu

The individual feels the weight of abroad that compares country is taller.

8, the effect that having again is relevant statement. For instance 61 Children’s Festivals are discharged the first so the Children’s Festival also can have add cent accordingly, vice versa.

This food food still emphasizes the netizen’s effect here

Jump over much person to visit your website through 61 Children’s Festivals namely, of your website Children’s Festival add cent more. .

The individual feels the 07 Baidu SEO later, the proportion of exterior element greatens, the proportion of webpage interior is reduced, caption remains the mainest factor.