20 searches engine optimizes common problem to solve

Core clew: The article listed a few a few common problems that encounter in the process that optimizes a website are solved.

1, new station was not referred, but all was collected by Baidu and Google inside 2 weeks. Why to refer collected? Some referring very long also cannot be collected.

This is normal. Want you to there is a link in other place only, search spider is likely capture stands to yours. For instance: Go a few very hot forum send a link. Do GG, must not refer, do not refer what be collected is very much, if be collected, need not refer.

2, general how long replaces search engine, SEO for many times does time have the effect?

Search engine updates webpage database basically everyday, lie between 3 days of two metropolises to have a rank to every keyword. Usually, to specific a certain keyword, its search a result won’t abrupt discovery changes tremendously. Before we see the search result of some keyword rarely 10 are changed suddenly other, unless search engine,undertake algorithm is revised. But to specific certain website, if suffer,fall authority, the likelihood is ranked between one night produce tremendous change. The effect of SEO, we are to say 3-6 commonly month, but also change according to particular case.

3, if was fallen to counterpoise artificially by Baidu, still have resumptive possibility?

If be fallen artificially by Baidu the right, the possibility that basically did not renew, unless force is very large. It is commonly what be handled artificially is concern with pornography and politics.

4, is the domain name big to SEO influence?

The individual thinks the school (.edu) and government sector (the website of.gov) and the domain name with its corresponding place can have taller weight. Other domain names are suffixal (.com/.cn/.org/.net/.cc) just went up in the site the line has bit of difference probably inside period of time, but the site to maturity, the effect of this respect is main nonexistent.

5, what my website is collected is increasing, mean Baidu more and more friendly to me?

It is meddlesome that the webpage collects increase, collect much state Baidu begins to take you seriously, the keyword that adjusts you in short-term meeting ranks, capture good luck to hold to period of time more can.

6, Baidu (the site that why doesn’t Google) collect me?

General situation, content does not violate the site of compasses can be collected. Do not collect the problem that often is site itself, for instance complete station is collected, SEO is cogged etc. If your site is not collected, can search an account through the log.

7, is Baidu stuck, does Baidu know inside leave a message is join helpful to the site?

Action is some for certain, but link of many hair rubbish, was punished possibly by Baidu. (Avoid by all means is measurable)

8, what is is SEO the most important?

The development that searchs engine should more deflection is mixed at dependency, professional to content assessment judgement. So, the viewpoint of the garden is, SEO does editor of content of fixed position of keyword analysis, keyword, website and deploy namely.

9, it where friendship link searchs is better that where friendship link searchs?

Stationmaster kind website. In A mom is clicked buy ad, choose that kind of your website, next your meeting discovery has a lot of to follow the website related your site, seek the connection way of these stationmaster, become friendship link next.

10, what raises the idea of the rank the most quickly?

The means that uses fraud can raise a rank quickly inside a time. But my proposal is not cogged, because:

Cogged bring about the possibility that is sealed very big, such cost are very big.

Cogged cause whole SEO trade malign development, because search experience becomes poor and user general produces allergy to SEO industry.

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