17 websites hidden trouble, affect you collect a rank

Each site that becomes the person of the website to care his very much is searching the expression in engine, do the data such as the basically can inquire a website everyday collects circumstance, keyword rank of SEO especially. Maintaining the search of the website to all alone engine collects the quantity, rank that maintain and raises website keyword is the target of a lot of stationmaster, and adopt all kinds of measure for these targets perhaps beg cure to seek drug everywhere. In fact, any data that we also know search engine is medium are changing, the fluctuation that collected increase and decrease perhaps ranks is normal thing, exorbitant worries and be being cared about is redundant. But as stationmaster, we can make great efforts on website oneself, reduce a website to go up to be thought not to suit or can discount the element of cent to the website by search engine. After eliminating these to affect website rank and collected hidden trouble, how does search engine change also not be in your ability, and the rank that that moment estimates you and collect also won’t have too much wave motion.

Eric Enge is in newest the hidden trouble element that an article that interviews Adam Lasnik of Google staff member points out to general effect website collects a rank in summary has 17. These hidden trouble elements are affecting a lot of sites to collect a circumstance mediumly in Google. If your site has the following problem, also should as far as possible repair perhaps is optimized, the Google show to the website should have profit.

1.Too Large A Percentage Of Your Links Are Reciprocal

Website link is mutually beneficial link partly greatly very. Mutually beneficial link is worth in the authority in Google already smaller and smaller, and if the too much mutually beneficial on the website links affirmative meeting,give the search engine such as Google undesirable impression.

2.Lack Of High Quality Inbound Links

Lack high quality guide link. The exterior link of high quality has very tall effect to increasing the weight of the website and degree of belief. If website lack high quality is exterior,link, likelihood Google can think quality of this site lack and authority are spent.

3.Too Large A Percentage Of Your Inbound Links Are Not Relevant To Your Site Topic

Major exterior link and your site lacks dependency. In the exterior link construction that optimizes a process in search engine, the dependency of the link is taken seriously very much.

4.No Outbound Links

Did not derive link. Did not guide the link can affect website grading, same if a site did not derive if linking, that also has a problem. The website of what high quality can the website that just think the next shuts Guan Suoguo be?

5.Outbound Links To Poor Quality Sites

Catenary receives inferior quality website. Catenary receives inferior quality site even the site meets a few rubbish to affect a website badly to be behaved mediumly in Google, suffer possibly even by the penalty of K.
6.Too Large A Percentate Of Your Outbound Links Are Nofollowed (note: Does Not Apply To Blog Comments And Forums, where This Expected Behavior)

Derive the link is added for the most part Nofollow attribute. (pair of rich guest comments and this forum are not applicable, these places should add Nofollow. )

7.No Coherent Topic For Your Site

The website lacks successive topic. Of website content successional very important also in Google. What do talk about some websites won’t be a high-quality goods website necessarily, and its are achieved formerly rate inevitable very get suspicion.

8.Too Large A Percentate Of Your Pages With Duplicate Content

Overmuch webpage is to repeat content. Although someone says duplicate content won’t be affected,collect, but repeating content too much is not what favour for certain. If you are used, is WordPress program, the WordPress Seo that can see me will avoid the occurrence of WordPress duplicate content.

9.Too Large A Percentage Of Your Pages With Minimal Content

Too much page lacks content. (is the likelihood of this interpreter not accurate? ) the issue that the article of short length involves content quality on any account necessarily. Every page is content of a few words ends, not be the expression of website of a high quality.

10.Titles Are Duplicated

Caption repeats. Should for the person that notes SEO won’t make such elementary mistake.

11.More Than 5 Keywords Metatags On Your Pages

Meta Keywords lists exterior and interior to exceed 5 keywords. (! Should be of the keyword with more setting in the Meta Keywords of a lot of websites, especially home page. )

12.Meta De***ions Are The Same On Every Page

Paginal Meta De***ion is identical. Same Meta description also is not a SEOer can do. The Meta of WordPress is optimized can mix here here.

13.Image Alt Tags That Are Way Too Long

The Alt ticket of the picture is too senior. Describe a few terms to the Alt of the picture enough, overmuch description may be the expression of keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases.

14.Keyword Stuffing

Keyword fill. This never mind is good say. Want to note the keyword rate of the page, but also need not too sedulous.

15.Hidden Text, or Almost Hidden Text

Conceal text similar perhaps conceal text. Concealing text is absolutely in engine of a few big searches by the reason of K. What my individual understands is similar the text that concealing text should be use setting color.

16.Hidden Links, or Almost Hidden Links
Obscure a link similar perhaps obscure a link. This also has a description in an article of Matt Cutts. The simple link that say even if should not allow an user not to differentiate to give you and behind schedule.
17.Web Server Downtime Too High

Too much Down machine. Website and the stability of the server are collected by search engine to the website and keyword rank is very important. Want to choose an appropriate service business so.

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The element of the expression in affecting a website to be propped up in search index is these not merely for certain, the element that still can consult next influences search engine to rank this article. As a stationmaster, the head of a station that perhaps says to hope the website has better performance should note these factors. If search was involved to all alone engine is punished in the website,set, the keyword that that need not consider a website basically was behaved. Check erroneous ideas at the outset, close the quality of good website oneself, the existence that avoids website hidden trouble just is engine of search of website base oneself upon is basic.