10 methods teach you how to solve Baidu not to collect home page problem

Often the friend encounters Baidu not to collect the problem of home page, have a plenty of phenomenon of heavy bottom of occurrence home page, and what some occurrence is basic in front the home page address that a few pages cannot find Baidu Site domain name. Is this after all why? These occurrence problems and means of settlement see below.

The first: Baidu does not collect home page, it is the keyword that has nothing to do in the accumulation in caption and text likely

Baidu emphasized the mutual echo of caption and website content, if some keyword is involved in caption, and if having nothing to do with this keyword in actual website content, may be deleted by Baidu so. The dependency of the content that caption appears and article content notices while so the proposal is doing editor website content, baidu is not saying like somebody is to let artificial examine and verify their dependency, they can match according to the keyword and the dependency of article content is opposite its are collected correctly.

The 2nd: The problem of home page heavy bottom of Baidu, this utmost is to optimize excessive, home page is caused too slow newlier

The help that we should do is, whether does circumstance of the catenary outside the examination have effect be gettinged by the site link place of K, the keyword piles up, the problem such as dead catenary is caused. To let home page anew Site:qIanyuriyu.com arrives Baidu the first, we had made the inspection above outside, the proposal does some of high grade join to add the oneself weight of bit of website, write flexible language promotion at the same time, more the effect of the catenary outside large-scale diffuse, home page is very fast

Can reproduce Baidu home page the first.

Integrated observation practice discovers Baidu is right do not collect home page, perhaps do not have collected site in the Baidu inside period of time, main problem appears may be below these problems cause everybody to be able to consult below:

1 use jump automatically the page that turn, may be discarded by Baidu.

This one does not require much review, basically jump in the light of what a few cogged behavior use turn. Most search engine can have similar provision.

2 be in same on the page, do not have overmuch link.

The basis searchs engine to be evaluated to site link, friendship links number not to exceed 50, too much the catenary outside deriving although PR is very tall deal out the weight of your station also won’t tall, everybody can notice to fall, it is next for example what join of interior of rich guest article does not add is too much, general an article adds 3 or so can.

3 if your site was done a lot of those who be aimed at Baidu optimize, but bring a large number of negative experiences to the user however, so, your site may be returned finally is to be able to get of Baidu desolate.

4 attentions achieve a gender formerly, although you are the content of duplicate others, the opinion that you also want to do next your modification and your increases originality the favour that original talent draws more user and search engine.

5 avoid to become friendship link with station of a few rubbish, because they can affect your website,be affected negatively.

The place of law of the 6 law in if your website content has,be not being accorded with, cannot be collected by Baidu.

7 websites framework is clear, do not appear dead catenary lets search engine to lose way on your website. Final proposal does result of good website map optimal.

8 Baidu know or stick the domain name of fill water is compared by K possibility big. Proposal new station has not been collected do not go these places do Baidu popularized. Holding to the patience that make a station to await is during collecting best good plan.

9 new stations put advertisement of the mom in A to be collected harder. The proposal just started do a station to wanting to make money, make good station first, it is not difficult to make money.

10 pure acquisition station. Now is Baidu not just other any search engine do not like to collect content, still a word says: More pay for more work, pay and get one’s own back becomes direct ratio, suggest each stationmaster friend insists to although duplicate to also go below the editor,be achieved formerly, also can have very good effect.

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