10 measure with successful SEO2.0 say good-bye to SEO and PR

What we introduced in the article in front is SEO2.0, in this today’s article we induce for everybody and summed up 10 measure with successful SEO 2.0, perhaps you can be sent we won’t allude here of caption optimize, keyword density, link weight, interior links construction, PR (Page Rank) wait for great majority the SEO skill that you know, we pay close attention to content construction only, usability research, and PR (Personal Reputation or Public Relations, SEO can have 2, PR also should have of course 2! ) .

In the article yesterday, the netizen asks me how the PR of Zhengyong.net is so low, what I know he points to is the Page Rank on Google tool column, in fact the individual rich settle or live in a strange place that guest of Internet sale gain remains a blame gain up to now, after be in, we also do not plan to use Page Rank to sell a link to make money.

The goal that this rich guest establishs basically is to study trend of foreign network sale, popularize network sale knowledge, in respect of rich guest gain, very ashamed, build from rich guest up to now total income 46.5 yuan (income source: Network sale books is recommended and sell books to recommend continuously) , if you feel our article is useful to you, subscription our rich guest is the largest to us support! If you think our content too too argumentative, welcome head of big members of a family to criticize, ask everybody to also carry the Zhengyong.net of our name rubbish incidentally when criticizing us nevertheless! (Personal Reputation, we most the means of public praise sale of praise highly. PR 2.0 ana: If we cannot obtain best PR, that is become with respect to effort the poorest! )

10 measure with successful SEO V2.0:

1 those who explore you is exclusive Niche market

Extraordinary, the choice is not everybody can the product of sortie or sale or theme. Not you already the exploration that the research of SEO term keyword of be accustomed to sth and we say is promiscuous. You need to endeavor to introduce a new Niche market, is not to comply with merely of Google user long for. The trial thinks from different point of view. Although like SEO itself such people are the market that have to also can find a new Niche completely, for instance: SEO 2.0, you can are fed up with annoy at similar 2 ideas even, you think they just are fried one kind do, have beautiful suspicion even, but they are successful really, classic case: Web 2.0, office 2.0, in before long there still can be SEO 2.0 and PR 2.0 probably in the future, and any your thinkable are popular the vocabulary upgrades edition!

2 use WordPress

Replace On Page Optimization, you can install the WordPress content with search friendly engine to release platform. WordPress is software of guest of a rich not just, you also can use it to regard CMS of a diminutive as content management system, to most common website it can be competent completely. You need use WordPress to refer your XML site map to search engine no longer even, publish a new article every time when you, it can inform Google Blog Search automatically, be in a few minutes even in, the new content that lets you is indexed by Google. WordPress still can make you relaxed build site of his WordPress electron business affairs, help you sell your product. If you use Affiliate Network to let rich guest achieve,close, you return the OK and easy Affiliate Store that builds your.

The 3 CSS websites that establish killer level are designed and refer a website to CSS catalog

Traditional SEO basically is built about the link and acquire a link, be a website to undertake engine is optimized searching is picky simply. Present people goes linking to look pretty good website, it is the cause because of the design greatly. Unlike goes, using CSS and Web standard to design a site now is first-rate method, the website that should establish level of a killer is designed no longer so difficult, especially more such to WordPress. A good website design lets others more easily link to you. You can consult the rich guest of 30 when come from Introduction CSS Juice concise vogue is designed here.

4 allow Trackbacks and use Dofollow

The rich customer that the reader’s active communication and interactive meeting invite you flourishs more, the best method that contacts between rich guest uses Trackback function namely. The rich guest that is you installs distinction of Dofollow plug-in unit to treat other Bloggers and Spammers.

5 sociality, publish comment and should not grudge the rich guest at linking someone else

The link in the rich guest article in you and the rich passenger that carry etc and rich traveler writer. Publish comment to their rich guest, this is encourage best what create article job hard to them, because very few somebody likes to play solo, publish commment to let rich traveler writer more easily have a deep impression to you.

6 include socialization media to be in your site, use them personally

Add in your website on you most the socialization media that love is referred by button, for instance Del.icio.us, stumple Upon. You want careful Digg, such Reddit socialization news website, they can be in likely short-term inside the discharge that brings many no use arrives your website, careful your server delay machine.

The content of 7 creation yourself, express a few new things, express yourself’s view

Publish the content that your place besides a few your Niche markets understands. Produce yourself’s content, do not cite merely the content of other website, link their website, you need a few fresh, mention the content that pass without any someone else. Express yourself’s view, always do not repeat the news yesterday.

The 8 things that be collected afresh and edit you to know or the content that people has said

If be below special situation, the content that you want to publish has had a lot of people to had been published, so you can collect what you had thought to be together with useful thing, the editor induces together the reader that presents them you. For instance a Top 10 reads sale books list surely, or a 50 concentration WordPress grooms video, similar article also is special suffer reader gay.

The 9 online publications that like for you or rich guest donates content

Do not publish content in rich guest of yourself merely. To other rich customers you are deliver of online perhaps journal technically the article that they write, of course, you had better choose the journal related those and your rich guest theme and rich settle or live in a strange place. The site that selects you to be familiar with most first goes trying, because you may understand them more,like the article of what type. You can add information of an author Bio in the article, link rich customer of yourself.

10 publish every week 3 to 4 new implied meanings

Add new content to maintain a firm reader constantly group. If a month just comes to people,visit your website, so the existence that they can forget it probably, the rich passenger that often carries you has fresh content, meeting nurturance is in the reader insensibly the habit that URL inputs casing to input your rich guest network address. Not was necessary to publish an article everyday, but at least maintains every two send to 3 days.