10 big error do not have Internet sale the search is listed among them

Internet sale function is powerful, but should obtain the effect to also want to be on guard mistake. Novice of sale of a lot of Internet and even a few veteran still are in turning over same mistake ceaselessly, it is main 10 big mistakes below.

1, let an user await. The user hopes Internet rate is rapid, if server rate is slow, or ability of bell of picture need dichotomy downloads, be about to say good-bye with potential client. For effectively sale, need puts information the user quickly at the moment.

2, on the technology too proud. Do not assume all website audience has latest edition program, for example, not be the Flash that everybody installed Macromedia, use HTML and written language as far as possible.

3, not online next sale. Although the purpose of the sale on the net is to increase website flow, but nobody forever online. Want to publicize a website effectively, also need to undertake the net falls conduct propaganda.

4, the website did not add search engine. Startling is, a lot of people often use search engine, but the search engine that did not make oneself website joins him to use. Should add oneself website search engine with manual means, ensure it is put to be in proper place. Different search engine is different, find out hard raise a platoon method.

5, did not safeguard in time. A lot of companies are right oneself website without any consideration, if want to attract a client, be about to be safeguarded in time.

6, bad collaboration. Mail of a few rubbish and spy the enterprise uses combination to register wait for illegal behavior, before with tripartite the autograph is made an appointment with, investigate a partner, ensure they are aboveboard.

7, damage an user. If want to attract an user to register, do not ask a lot of questions, besides address of full name, email, every problem can make you are lost 10% to the potential client of 15% .

8, do not let a client undertake conduct propaganda for you, namely the public praise that place of the sale below the line says. Offer the T-shirt that has propagandist sign freely or " the friend that passes the link you " it is a gender the sale with valence very good comparing.

9, do not collect email address. For effectively sale, be about to have sale boy or girl friend, capture all sorts of opportunities to collect email address from the user.

10, rubbish mail. Do not succumb the temptation at rubbish mail, carry lawful mailing list sale only, if take,forbid to whether belong rubbish post, do not want to send. Interrogative mail is sent bring about you possibly to be attributed to by ISP rubbish mail dispatcher a kind, the email sale that this will make you did not come is very difficult.