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1.SEO Positioning Analysis

Website analysis: website itself anatomically analysis, the purpose is to find the fundamental problem of the site. E-commerce positioning: positioning the enterprise e-commerce site, to clarify the position of the site. E-commerce mode analysis: Website e-commerce mode analysis, researching the e-commerce mode that matches the site; Industry competition analysis: industry competition, a comprehensive analysis of the industry Web site; Site Development Planning analysis: short-term planning and implementation of e-commerce sites of long-term development strategy feedback analysis.
Positioning Analysis

2.SEO Site Diagnostics

Site structure diagnosis: to see the site structure is reasonable, whether the efficient, convenience, compliance with the users access habits; Web page Diagnosis: to see the page code is streamlined, the page is clear, the page capacity is appropriate, the page color is appropriate; File with the file name Diagnosis: file format, file name etc; Access Systems Analysis: Statistical system installation, origin analysis, regional analysis, the visitor analysis, keyword analysis etc; Promotion strategy Diagnosis: to see the website promotion strategies are effective or backward, whether to use the composite and other promotional strategies etc.
Site Diagnostics

3.SEO Marketing Analysis

Keyword Analysis: Keyword is appropriate, keyword density is reasonable; Search Engine index analysis: what kind of index, index information is valid; Links correlation analysis: Link popularity is high, whether large correlation link; Target Market Analysis: the target market analysis, study the relationship of the target market and marketing; Product analysis: analysis of the characteristics of products, selling points of the products etc; Marketing Page Analysis: Location setup of marketing page, content of marketing page, the first image for the marketing page; Marketing Channel Analysis: How marketing channels used, how to open up a new marketing channels; Follow-up of products and services analysis: development of the product, services feedback analysis; Price Analysis: how’s the price and if it’s reasonable etc.
Marketing Analysis

4.SEO Comprehensive Optimization

Site structure optimization: structural optimization, optimization of the operating environment of e-commerce; Web page optimization: page layout, page design optimization; Navigation design: ease of navigation, navigation text optimization; Links finishing: internal and external links to the site for processing; Tag optimization design: to optimize the design of the relevant tag.
Comprehensive Optimization

5.SEO Integration Promotion

Web site traffic promotion strategy: the key is still flow problem, this process will include so many network marketing methods; External link Promotion: Use Links Strategy; Viral marketing strategy: the use of specific strategies need to be flexible; Other promotion: network changes concern, the development of new means of promotion.
Integration Promotion

Use a search engine targeted "product keyword" direct access to business-related pages, generally the potential customer's actual needs, these visitors are more easily converted into your customers.


SEO optimization through the rational design of site structure, page layout, web content, making the site more matching your search criteria search engine optimized websites and therefore can simultaneously achieve better rankings on multiple search engines, such as Baidu , Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines. You spend the equivalent of a small amount of input can simultaneously on several major search engines do the advertising, to really low investment and high return on investment results.

2.The effect is obvious

General search engine bid promotion is calculated in accordance with clicks, but search engine optimization can get good results in multiple search engines at the same time, and no matter how many hits a day, do not have to pay any click charges.

3.Low-cost, effective way to avoid malicious clicks:

According to statistics, more than 70% site visitors is recommended from search engines, there are more than 90% of Internet users often use search engines to find the information they want. The search engine optimization effect can appear simultaneously in multiple search engines and covering almost all Internet users.

4.Wide coverage

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